back fairy commissions are open

Hello! My commission slots are currently open!

To order please use the form below.

I will email you with a price quote when I receive your order.
Commission prices range from $20-$120 depending on the outfit’s complexity and the amount of material used.
Example: A sundress will be $20, a fairy goddess cosplay will be probably $80, and a decked out embroidered princess gown will be $120.

I do male and female clothing, I have a Minifee girl and a JID boy. I can alter the clothing to fit your doll if they don’t fit into those size clothes. If you need other sizes, please email me at etherealthicket@gmail.com and we can make arrangements.


I require 50% of the total price before beginning the outfit or looking for materials. If you are getting something with very high quality fabric/lots of beads/etc. I’ll require 60-70% up front.
I will send you the pictures when I finish. After your approval, please send the remaining of the commission cost. I will then ship and send you the tracking number.

The first payment cannot be refunded once I have purchased the materials or begun working on the commission. If you don’t like the pictures I send to you I will not refund the first payment.

Thank you!




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